Saturday, July 2, 2011

Talk Dirty, M'sieur

I think I may have just discovered where the French earned their supposed reputation as lovers. As any reader will know, it has been a long and relatively unrewarding search, but I've at last turned up a little gem.

Because TMI has a friend staying at his place this weekend, he stayed last night with me and will again tonight. It's starting to feel dangerously domestic.

Since the sex is still far from remarkable, I tried to raise the bar of quality in what may be my new entrapment by trying: "say something sexy." Turns out, "dirty talk" in the language of love is UNTHINKABLY delicious. Honestly, you'd think I would have figured this out a little sooner. "Je veux emprunter toutes les portes de ton corps" whispered breathily against your jawline can definitely muster a blush, I'd say.


  1. Oooh yes, nice.

    I've got to say that I'm a little disheartened but your "unrewarding search".

    The French I've known naked were all VERY rewarding but they were all OUT of France. Perhaps there's something in that?

  2. okay, so i just googled translated that statement and wow. that would probably take me over the edge.

  3. hehe I'm glad I sent google translate some traffic! And Ms. Stray, it hasn't ALL been terrible~ Handsome Parisian is the best sex I've had in this or any country to date!


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