Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The R Word

Things are definitely on the brink of domestic with TMI, which, I'm gonna be honest, has me concerned for IFFTP. Yes, I desperately want to go to back to Paris and share my passionate encounters with the French God of Sex with the blog world. Yes, I want to go out and make eyes/brush up against/ and be shockingly forward in the language of love with the young and hot French populace.

But lets be honest. When a guy, THE SAME GUY, is sleeping in your bed 3-4 times out of the week, throwing a modest tantrum when you accidentally call him by another man's name, and frankly stating that he will A "hate you" and B "never see you again" when you ask about sex with others, exactly how single can you be, really?

So what is it? What exactly defines a relationship? When the jealously starts? When the exclusivity starts? Or did it start somewhere back there with the sex?

There was no verbal confirmation, but I have to say it: I think I might be in a relationship. And what's worse, when he isn't around, I'm starting to miss him. I predict an abrupt readership plummet by at least 15%.


  1. I have never felt so disillusioned. I feel betrayed - yes, and jealous as well. Reading your blog is really helping me to 'feel' my own emotions.

    So, yes, it's beginning to sound like a relationship. Now what will you do?

  2. First of all I am still nervous whenever using liquid eyeliner. Practice makes perfect but who has time for that, really?
    Second of all, I think more than at any other time in the history of mankind the definition of *relationship* is a fluid one... that being said... yep, you're in a committed relationship in my mind. The moment you realize that the desires of your partner outweigh your personal temporary pleasures... at least that's how I know when I'm committed. It usually takes me by surprise though.
    I am astounded by how diametrically opposite we can be, yet still be in sync. I am in awe of your fearlessness, your independence, your creativity, and your unending beauty.
    I've started reading your blog backwards, which is how I approach my own relationships. Someday I'll learn. Maybe I'll learn from you :)


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