Monday, July 18, 2011

One of Many

Remember this photo?

Twice. Just sayin.


  1. My dear, what is in that photo? I've stared at it for so long! Until I had tears in my eyes! Saw nothing!

  2. Well, I'll be the first to say I'm of limited intellect (and proud of it!) but I still don't get it...French Sex? I've heard about that...In fact, I live in France part of the year. One does come across it. So to speak.

    But...I see only stone? And Sauzet - well, I looked it up (the unclever have to be industrious, as you know), and it's a French community. Are the people there given to certain types of...physical affection?

    Do explain!

  3. To be perfectly frank: I had sex in that location, on those stones, raucously and passionately, twice. The previous post about Sauzet discusses how it was going down on virtually every solid object in the South of France.. just wanted to give an example :)

  4. Ha. Thought I was supposed to see something in the stone. French Sex? Perhaps a depiction of the very French number Soixante Neuf...

    Upon close examination, all I could find, using strong skills of imagination, was something looking, perhaps, like the male...extension, with two little hands around it...

    Look very closely, and you may see it, too. I was rather puzzled that you felt your readers should spot it at a glance.

    Meanwhile, the whole thing looks dreadfully uncomfortable. For me, very little other than the Hilton sheets will do.


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