Thursday, June 30, 2011

Evading the Fat Fate

Last Sunday I placed a bet that I would force myself to the pool EVERY SINGLE MORNING and take a photo as evidence. I did it because frankly I'm getting fatter than ever and am running out of interventional ideas. So, yesterday morning, just like the one before and the one before that, I scooted on Berlioz through town and through the heat to the pool in Grissels- turns out you don't need to wear a swim cap there, so I find it worth the scoot.

Last time, I was informed that on Wednesdays the pool didn't open until 3, so I scooted back. The day before, I was informed that on Tuesdays it closed at 1:30. Dang! So yet again scooted back. (and then enjoyed some french cheese and wine in the evening.) Merde! This morning, I got into the locker rooms, put my suit on, and then my period started. Seriously. Scooted home with some tissues stuffed in my panties. What gives, universe???

me n' Berlioz tearing it up


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