Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When to Look the Other Way

Turns out the kid that kisses like a teenager needs a code name. Also turns out that he's found the blog and, through the magic of google analytics, I'm also graced with the information that he's made himself a regular and avid reader. Well. After a deep breath and a solemn salute to the art of literature, I decide to plow forth uncensored and unashamed. (Risking the loss of a friendship and a conversation with a straight face almost certainly.) That said, we'll call him TMI. Teenager-Man-Impersonater. Also the other more obvious meaning.

Last night I allowed the above to my apartment where we did shamefully teenager-like-things like wear big sunglasses, listen to music, and talk about insecurities. We did have sex. And frankly, this time I shall refrain from detail because I'm well aware these passages are being heatedly searched and meticulously deciphered for a review. Tragic. I’m making frantic faces to encourage reading between the lines here. So much for my pride. I think the aforementioned “art of literature” just fizzled away piteously in a cloud of smoke.

What I really want to mention is that, when I re-entered my little medieval sky nest at 1 am this morning, (I was at a movie,) I found that I could see B's head through his skylight... pacing. I watched him with a confused facial expression for a good 20 min to be sure that was, in fact, what he was doing. Pacing. 4 steps to the right, a quick turn, and 4 steps to the left. This looks decidedly unhealthy. Even more so than the plates of partially eaten white rice that are piling up on his dining room table. I haven't visited in about a week and when I do it's brief and infrequent; frankly that whole scene depresses me viciously. Do I need to.. do something? Or is this one out of my hands?


  1. is the other meaning too much information?

  2. been getn up to speed and reading your stuff... anthony quinn in zorba was one of my all time favorites...but it takes and appreciator of the foreign file genre...
    your next maybe logical move would be to sf for further study and work. What would it take to get a work permit in France?? keopu g

  3. dude, i'm so curious about this post!

    also, i need you to email me. i lost your email somehow. my email is - i need to do a highlight post and there's several questions i need you to answer, like a little interview.

    okay OUT.

  4. I like your blog, very refreshing!!! I m follow u on twitter as well lol :)


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