Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The World's Worst Short Film

So yesterday I met up with the réalisateur of the wonderful film I performed in a few weeks ago and got a copy, as well as the director's cut and a trailer uploaded onto my computer. What can I say. I only projectile vomited three times throughout the 7 minute duration, so all in all, better than I was expecting. The team seemingly cut most of my dialogue, which I imagine was indecipherable as I was expected to improvise in French, and tried to make up for it by adding a few subtitles to the exasperated English I was evidently spurting around 4-5 in the morning. One may also notice that the lighting on my early morning and up-all-night complexion is particularly flattering. Eh. Thems the breaks.

On the other hand, the trailer only made me faintly nauseous. Not bad.

And, in other news, (or non-news, really) I’ve been feeling like a seriously lonely kid lately. One week I have 5 French boyfriends + 1 in the street sending me texts below my window at 1 am, and the next, I’m spending the nights alone with a box of cookies and Sex and the City. Lame and vaguely depressing. Particularly so that
E.D seems to be silently exiting the scene. I haven’t seen him since he so sweetly reassured me in Frenchtu n’est pas seul, ironically. le sigh.

this is called grinning and bearing it

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