Thursday, June 23, 2011

Matters of the Pu'uwai

I desperately need to give TMI about TMI but I can't help but be censored. I'm getting the impression that things are getting too serious too fast and thus too dangerous. If only I could write in some indeciperable language that ni google translate ni a meticulous English level 2 student could decipher. Any ideas? I'm tempted to do a phrase or two in Hawaiian/pidgin. ...ok, why not.

The hana ma'i stay totally kolohe, spooning is like try sleep wit your okole in one cactus patch cuz he cut da hulu around his uli, and even worse, he start ah-redeh come supah clingy-kine. Bra, I not redeh start one supah serious pilina but I no want break the haole's pu'uwai. .. You guys following me here? Now if only there was Hawaiian slang sufficient to complain about foreskin and the need to keep it clean. (aww no she di'int! groooossss!!!)

Right so the art of literature I mentioned a few posts back: turning in its grave.

But all jokes aside, I just had my heart broken: it hurts, and I'm not leaping at the thought to do it to someone else. I wan't to be careful. I suppose it's possible that I just need some down time to lick my Harry induced wounds. Love can really pack a punch, and frankly it's starting to look like I'm down for the count.

Tomorrow, were I still comfortably the Hermione in the H and J threesome, aka, team Olympia in the tri-person cycling olympics, I should be going to Harry's final violin exam, followed by a goodbye night-on-the-town. These last 30 minutes I've been rolling around in bed and subduing cries of agony and frustration into my pillow because I don't know if I should attend either.

I'm embarrassed, anguished, and ashamed. Last time we went out Harry rubbed my heart against a cheese grater. Worse yet, when and if I see him, I don't even know how to say hello: Bise? Awkward handshake? Even more awkward none of the above??? oouuchhh.. seriously! Ouch!

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