Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giving and Getting: Reciprocity and the BJ

Allow me to get a little down and dirty here. Last night, while suffering through what a large majority of wives, girlfriends and adventurous dates must suffer through in every sexual relationship, I had some disheartening feelings. Blow Jobs. Yes, your partner loves them. Yes, if you're lucky, you may even love your partner, in which case "taking one for the team" isn't so bad: their feeling good makes you feel good, right?

But, last night, after pushing myself through several gags and enduring the very unpleasant taste, complete with encouraging groans of enthusiasm and a loving smile, I started to feel like I was giving a little more than I was getting.

I've heard it said that the only point of doing it is reciprocation, and I partially agree with this, but, as one of the majority of the world's women who find orgasm during sex very elusive, I can't help but start to feel I'm getting the short end of the stick. And I most certainly mean that figuratively.

Don't get me wrong, my current relationship is easily dishing out the best sex I've ever had; and where I'm not having orgasms from actual intercourse or even oral sex, we have been managing to fit them in regularly and TMI is very considerate to my sexual well-being. But still: dang! Giving a blow-job, well, blows! Dealing with teeth placement, jaw stress, gag reflex, all the while moaning while breathing through your nose and bobbing up and down, honestly, "they don't call it a job for nothing!" I have to wonder: Would a man ever suffer to such an extant for their partner's sexual pleasure?

What's the verdict on this? Always worth it? Enjoyable? A fair trade? Or are women just in the habit of giving too much? In fact, forget about BJ's; what I'm talking about here is something more than that. Zorba, my favorite Greek to quote, wags his big gnarled finger and insists, "Never forget boss! A woman gets more out of the pleasure she gives than the pleasure she takes!"

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  1. lol. Actually, my Psychology text says 25% of women find orgasms from sexual intercourse elusive. You may be referring to something different, but if not then I'm curious as to where this statistic came from. Twenty-five is a big difference from seventy-five.

    Blow jobs can definitely suck, and deep throating can suck even more (not to mention cause damage to the throat). I mean, it can be awkward, and I have a small mouth so it can be uncomfortable. You have to pretend to like it if you don't. I think showing a guy you want him like that can definitely turn him on more, and ultimately make him want you more, and that can't be bad!

    I've had guys go down on me for like half an hour, or other time consuming things like that.

    Actually, taking a penis in your mouth though... I think still much more of a sacrifice than going down on a girl.

    Some male homosexual needs to comment on this. Is it a societal thing that makes women feel slightly used when giving a blow job (something tells me yes)?


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