Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Not to Charm a Lady

Today I went for a run with a guy in the the French wild. He showed me an ancient sheep herder dwelling and farted loudly while we were both inside. I made like it was fine but was of course totally appalled. We ran up over a ridge and into a clearing where I bounded and rolled in the grass pretending to be a goat. Other times, while we jogged together between the trees, I pretended we were Mammoth Hunters on the great hunt. I kept most of this to myself and tried to do my bounding in secret. It's hard for me to be living in the city center when I come from Hawaii's mountains.

The French guy was Jonas and the French Wild was called Parc de la Combe a la Serpent.

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  1. Farts are very unattractive. While I know that everyone does it, society still tells us that it's rude or unattractive. I try to cope with guys farting around me (even in long-term relationships), and still find it slightly offensive. If I can manage to go to the bathroom or excuse myself to some other area why can't they?!

    Yet I feel, like most things, guys are forgiven for these slights much more readily than women. I've had men tell me that women farting, or even the knowledge that they do such things, is one of the most unattractive aspects of a female.

    Are women doing this to themselves? What choice would men have if all women just started farting openly (I'm not saying some women don't)? Or are women just the last remaining vestige of a more dignified era?


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