Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dangerous Daydreams

Despite my efforts over the past few years to become a woman above irrational sentimentality, premature attachment, and above all, devoid of the foolishly romantic and idealistic fantasies of diamond rings, wedding dresses, and dramatic public proposals, I am a girl, after all.

Weddings drive me crazy. They absolutely do. In my opinion, a wedding should be a small intimate ceremony sans all the hubbub, and then, after the couple discovers they're still in love after ten years, comes the 100 guests, expensive catering, floral arrangements and enormous cake. Now that's something worth celebrating!

And yet, I remain a lover of romance novels and sappy love songs. Today, I actually caught myself day dreaming up a romantic marriage proposal while I washed the dishes. I dropped the cup I was so ashamed. It was TMI, on the beach at home in Hawaii, down on one knee and in front of my family. He was shamelessly singing devotion and my praises in a very long and unlikely speech.

What does this mean? I'll tell ya what this means. The fact that I was day dreaming about praise just proves that I'm in love with someone loving me and not the someone. I tried to warn the world (and myself) about this type of love in a previous post. Listen up, you can bet your buttons that if what makes you happiest is them telling you or showing you how much you mean to them, you're not in love with the right entity.

It be a dangerous and tricky world out there!

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