Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bat of the Casemates

After missing my train due to the inability to wrap my brain around the 24 hour clock, I spent another day in Luxembourg. A wonderful day, I might add! We wandered through the old district of Grund, sipped peach ice tea under an old flower covered trellis, and ventured into the famous Casemates - The 17 kilomteres of tunnels that remain from the immense fortress built way back in the times or yore. During both World Wars, the Casemates functioned as shelters and provided space for up to 35,000 people during air raids and shelling. Definitely no place for claustrophobics, as it's hard not to get dizzy in some of the tinier and darker tunnels.

Anna and I both agreed that the best part of the adventure was wriggling through some probably not-meant-to-be-surpassable corridors and awaking an angry and fluttering bat, sending us both squealing and scrambling back the way we came. Then, lost, and unable to find the exit, we squeezed through a grate and climbed the walls of the fortress like the warriors before us to escape the casemates.

Luxembourg is in incredibly beautiful city. Modern, clean, and very very green. While every blade of grass in Dijon was cobbelstoned over centuries ago, Luxembourg, though larger, still manages trees, fields, donkeys, chickens and sheep not far from the city center. Loved it.

I've also started reading Harry Potter! IN FRENCH! I delved into on the train and was happy to discover that not only do I like Harry Potter, but I also speak French. Woo!



Casemates, exterior

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