Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is Getting Harry

50% off French flowery lingerie. Yes. Just yes.

I'm falling for an English guy named Harry. No lightening bolt scar though. No particularly Earth shaking good looks either, which is unusual for me. While I at first admired him for our ability to have a platonic relationship, after I went to his violin concert at the music conservatoire I was thankfully reminded how people can be attractive in other ways apart from the physical. After his show, we went out drinking and then back to my place, where, at 4 am, I received a breath taking drunken private violin concert by a weathered master. Fabulous - and, somewhere around the third movement, I felt an unfamiliar flutter in the less superficial part of my heart.

But he's taken! So back into the fray. I'm heading back to Paris this weekend ;)

In other more dangerous news I shall be attempting a home brazilian this evening. Oh yeah. This is life on the edge.


  1. Ouuuch home brazillians are literally unbearable!!! Eeeek!!! Be careful dear! :)

    Besos Vanessita

    (from xxx

  2. Love that lingerie set! France has the best lingerie. I studied abroad in Paris and went to just about every lingerie store I could find. Etam has the cutest stuff and they really weren't very expensive!

  3. Thanks for the tip! There is an Etam near me and I'm gonna go check it out! ...but rats I just missed the summer soldes by like ... a day! ugh. Oh well. I'll post any particularly fabulous finds :)

  4. Your welcome! Definitely let me know if you find anything good! Bummer about the summer soldes, though. They were going on when I was there and it was delightful!

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