Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love, Money

I seem to have a lot of men interested that I'm not interested in, probably because I'm not interested. And the ones that I am interested in aren't interested, likely for the same reason. It's like a mobius strip but for sexual attraction.

I went out to a concert at an Irish pub tonight and seemed to be remarkably well liked by the male population and relatively disliked by one French woman who I thought was very pretty. She imitated me and made fun of my accent to the guys around her thinking I couldn't understand. This made me sad, but fortunately the guys around her didn't seem impressed with her efforts.

Back in my apartment I receive not one but two loving and lengthy text messages from various French men! The accent must not be so bad. Also I took my resume' around town today and, with a trembling hand and probably horrific French because I was so shy, placed it in the hands of some very unimpressed looking proprietors. -Then I discovered via B it had some grave mistakes, so I cried, reprinted the thing, and made the rounds a second time apologizing and asking if I could leave the new one. "Désolé, c'était ma première fois que j'ai tapé un CV en Française!!"

baby steps.

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