Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Save the Receipt

So I finally got my dress back from the seamstress; it seems to fit well enough. And now the really big question: do all the items I bought separately and mostly for more than I can afford go well together? The necklace is breathtaking and I LOVE IT.. but I'm unconvinced it goes perfectly with the dress. And the shoes.. well, ahem. uh, the shoes...

Lets just be glad I got them on sale. Soft leather, platform black ankle boots, totally gorgeous, but totally wrong with the dress. ..Sexually inspirational, however. I modeled them for TMI while scantily clad which, naturally, lead to love making in a dangerous standing position which in turn lead to, ... .. well, some stains on the shoes that despite my best efforts I don't think would get them accepted at the returns counter. It's so very ironic I think I laughed and cried at the same time.

In other news I triumphantly went to the prefecture today for what I thought would be the last time to get a temporary carte de sejour while they process my renewal. I waited around the office all morning, as is customary, drowning in multi-ethnic screaming children. I got the receipt and started home.. only to discover that my mother's last name was spelt wrong. I rushed back only to find I was too late to take another number.

Looks like that adventure still has some nuts and bolts to sort out.

The moral of the story: save the receipt and the sex until after you've tried on the whole outfit. Oh, and double check all spelling of important names.

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  1. good luck with pairing everything together, i'm sure you'll look great no matter what :)


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