Monday, February 13, 2012

The Handsome Hero

So I cut TMI's hair yesterday. -Which was HUGE MISTAKE because I did a weirdly fabulous job and now he's too handsome to look at with out being intimidated out of the room and under the bed covers.

That evening, I took my scarily handsome guy to Lazer-tag with some of my coworkers at the cafe. It was my first time and I was the only girl of like, 20 big burly guys; rolling around in a very dangerous plywood playground in pitch black, sliding, jumping, and bashing head-on into walls with a plastic lazer gun. I was run over a few times and even hit in the face by someone's gun at some point. While for the other players it was a game, for me it was 4 hours of straight-up survival. I'm small and delicate and can only handle getting smacked down by big sweaty guys so many times. I came up at the bottom of the score board each round with TMI always gracing the top, SOMEHOW. I was, thankfully, mildly rad at the hide and seek round, as a big guy can scarcely hide and escape into the shadows like a little lady.

All the same at the end of the whole shebang my feet were hurting, my back was hurting, MY FACE was hurting, and I was convinced I was, and am, an old lady on the arm of a drop-dead gorgeous Lazer-tag hero. Blah.

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  1. I use to paintball (like 5 times in my early 20's) and felt so badassed doing it. Maybe lazer tag is in my near future? And no, I'm sure you look great!


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