Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Voyage Merciless

Well, I got up at 6, I caught my train at 7:15, I flew to London on a 2 hour flight, then I caught my plane to San Francisco and somehow stayed alive for 11 hours till landing. Then, I got in an old mountain man camper car and suffered in the front seat while dad had us lost on surrounding San Francisco freeways for 4 hours before we found a hotel and I passed out. I'd been awake and suffering in a trans-global voyage for 27 hours. I'd puked twice, cried sporadically throughout the whole trip, ate some very lame British airline food, and didn't sleep a wink until I hit the motel bed a day and two hours later. Today I've got a head cold, not surprisingly.

All in all it was very hard not to regret the small fortune I spent on airfare. Why was I leaving the man I love to suffer in an airplane smashed against a snotty coughing hacking stinky old guy for 11 hours again? I tried to curl into my seat and instinctively my left hand would reach out as if to rest over TMI's chest. Oh man, intimacy withdrawals are merciless in times of great discomfort.

So the West Coast plan is this: Hopefully my crazy itchy snotty sneezing death attack will dissipate shortly and dad and I will snowboard for a few days. My flight home to Hawaii is the 1st of March, adding another 6 hours and ocean to my great passage. Ugh.. feeling increasingly watery swollen and woozy.. Time to roll around and moan for a while.

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