Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Train Pain

So on the way home from Sauzet and about to step onto the 4 hour train to Lyon, I was suddenly aggressed by a familiar terror. Burning tearing pain in that oh-so-sensitive of places. This is my fifth time around at this, let me remind you, so I knew immediately what was happening and burst into tears. Yet another UTI, despite all of my precautions. And, not arriving in Dijon until 7:30 that night, there would be no doctor until the next day and a whole night of searing pain to look forward to.

I told TMI we absolutely HAD to miss our connection in Lyon and go into the city and find me a doctor and anti-bitotics ASAP, and proceeded to convince him by crying into his lap the whole train ride. Dear God those things are painful, and each one over the past 5 months has been successively worse than the last.

TMI called home and had his dad find us a doctor's office near the train station and make us an appointment. Luck shone a bit here because we were able to get in early. I blurted in teary emotional French my tramendous streak of bad luck involving my vagina since coming to France. He asked what was different in my life since the infections started. The obvious answer was TMI, but since he was sitting right there in the office and being such a saint since the pain started I wasnt ready to to point fingers. So I beat around the bush a bit mentioning oral contraceptives, etc. The doctor eventually picked up on it and told me privately that intercourse, should I wish to keep it up under such circumstances, needed to happen after showers and be finsihed every time promptly by peeing and a glass of water. How romantic!

Anyway, the trauma ended with antibiotics and a blessedly comfortable train back to Dijon. TMI was so kind and loving and, I have to face it, drop dead gorgeous all afternoon and throughout my misery I couldn't help but feel all new heights of love for him. In fact my love seems to be steadily growing along with the adversity against our relationship. Still no visa solution.. and time running out!

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