Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doctors Confuse Me

About a week ago I was visiting my suspiciously eccentric doctor at the French version of Planned Parenthood to renew my prescription for oral contraceptives. I mentioned my UTI problems as this was before my embarrassing revelation of a few days ago. He wrote up my 3 month prescription and suggested that I go to the office "across the street," to another medical office, and get a test for some common vaginal infections and bacteria just in case they may be the cause. According to him, it would be free, quick and painless, and though it was likely to come up with nothing, it may dredge up a cause for my bout of urinary infections.

He wrote what I needed on a piece of paper to show to the doctor and told me to go next door and make an appointment. I did. Today, I went in, and was lead into an office... where I was pretty sure the same doctor was sitting. He acted like he'd never seen me before and, after all, I was in an entirely different building.. so I did the same. I handed him the piece of paper that I was pretty sure he wrote, describing what I needed and he read it again, like he'd never seen it before. The guy was really lookin' like the other guy.. and sounding like the other guy.. so while I nodded politely and explained all my personal details as though we just met I glanced at the name plate on his desk. Was it the same name??? I couldn't really remember. The minute he left his chair I dug around in my purse for any documentation from the first doctor that would say his name. Nothing.

When I got home I relayed my story of the duplicate doctor to TMI and we dug up an old contraceptive prescription. SAME NAME. Why did that guy write a letter to himself and tell me to take it to him? How exactly do you forget a Hawaiian in France with my terrible accent?

In conclusion the French medical system just confuses me.

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