Sunday, January 22, 2012

Itchy but Intimate

OK so, this is going to gross the great majority of you out. So the squeamish and those of you who don't appreciate the more intimate details of this blog, turn back now. But I figure since I've been complaining about UTIs and their mysterious persistence and recurrence on and off, I aught to dish out some answers.. as embarrassing as they are. After intensive internet research and TMI and I both occasionally dealing with an itchy butt over the last few months, I finally put two and two together. Get ready, it's not pretty: pinworms.

Both my lover and I have them. But honestly, this was close to happy news: a common complication of pinworms in females are urinary tract infections, so I may have just figured out why I've been so plagued by the horrible painful things the last 5 months and never before. And thank goodness, the cause is curable. Also it explains the nightly itching in both me and my partner. So the treatment? Lots and LOTS of raw garlic; both orally, and well... yes, at night, when we should be kissing, whispering sweet nothings, dimming the lights and falling into the bed in passionate love making, we're helping each other apply raw garlic to one another's butts and then lying around moaning and groaning as we endure the subsequent burning. Romance at it's best.


  1. There is a prescription for it as well. :o

  2. Hihi, try Vermox... Way faster :) less embarrasing


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