Saturday, January 14, 2012

Out With a Bang

I don't think I ever gave an update on the Free People dress I splurged on... while it did make it in time for the Christmas party,the size 2 I'd been dieting for all month slipped right off of me and pooled in pile of too-expensive-shame at my feet. ..So I went in an old skirt and a tube top and all were too drunk with merriment to notice anyway.

The good news: Due to my efforts at the prefecture, I've extended by visa by three weeks: just long enough to be here for the annual gala for the masters students in wine studies. (I told the prefecture I needed to stay for language exams and embassy meetings, but really I was just trying to push it for this event.) TMI will be in a tux, the ladies in gowns, and my free people dress has one more chance to pack a punch.

So yesterday I found a seamstress who's at present sizing it down while I'm trying to dress it up. The dress is more cocktail than formal, so I'm looking for advice.

What do you think? Black shoes, or white shoes? The rhintestone bib? Messy up-do? I know this is all very vain but I'll be damned if I don't leave France with a bang.

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  1. I'd skip the bib and go longer rhinestone earrings (I found a great pair from BCBG for the same reason - dressing up a cocktail dress for a fancier occasion) with your hair up - not overly messy, just classy or maybe the side bun/twist people have been rocking as of late? The bib is nice too - but I personally am a collarbone fan (they always look eloquent to me for some weird reason).
    A great pair of high black strappys will go a long way as well. Have you thought about a shaw?
    Anyway, love your blog! Hope the ball is lovely!


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