Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weight Gain Complaining

The above image illustrates what 9 months in the land of butter and cheese can do to a person. The preceding photos are from two different modeling shoots from my hay day mere months before coming to France. The last is a horrible hit of reality which assaulted me from a pack of paparazzi new years eve photos. Dear God!

As I've mentioned, before France I was a valiant vegetarian and veggie-holic. Here my rabbit life style was seemingly impossible to support and I adapted meat, and, while often being fed by friends and family of the significant other, have also had to embrace a constant supply of "veut-tu un dessert?" "la fromage?" "Ce soir on va manger la raclette!" And other thin-killing assaults.

Looks like a slippery slope to me. Since I'm planning on living in France long term I'm gonna have to figure out how to stay healthy in the land of temptation and all that oozes and melts... and fast!


  1. I always wondered how they stay so skinny with so much brie. et les croissants...

  2. you still look great! but you are a better woman than me... if i lived there i'd weigh a metric ton. i spent a summer in france and that did me in.

  3. i think you look pretty hot. lol. not to be wierd or anything. ;)

    love, rach.

  4. Well it's not about the brie or "les croissants"... it's about moving to another culture and changing food habits. It takes a while to the body to get adjusted. I know I always face this problem. First when I moved to Africa, I gained so much the first two years, but then I lost all the weight. Now that I am in the US, I am having the exact same problem, but since I will not be living here longer, I am not too alarmed. I just try to be wise about my food choices and exercise when possible.

    Good luck on your path to a healthier you ^_^


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