Thursday, September 29, 2011

Under Unusual Circumstances

After our Parisian misadventure I finally have mom back in my Dijonaise home town; quite a sight for soar eyes after the crowded streets of Paris. With her staying in my tiny studio, however, and a temporarily homeless friend of TMI's staying at his place, (he's waiting for the keys to his new apartment) appropriate territory for making love has become increasingly hard to find. -And, let's face it, for a couple as famously frisky as we are, times are tough.

Last night, given the choice of sharing a bed with another guy and sleeping in my tiny 12 x 12 apartment with my mom and I, TMI chose the later. My mom is installed on a bunk bed situated over mine.. And, would you believe it, in the night and encouraged by the sounds of her snoring, TMI and I had our usual wild, crazy, but this time forcibly silent, sex.

..It was ok. But really. Sex while you can hear your mother snoring above you? Simultaneously great and profoundly disturbing. Every time there seemed to be a break in the snores TMI and I would freeze in horror, potentially caught in the mom-scaring 69 or worse, and wait until she resumed before we dared move again.

I have to say that was the first time I've ever had sex under such weird circumstances, aka, my mother. Let the record state I feel thoroughly bizarre. -But, this morning, while mom sat in my tiny kitchen doing crosswords and TMI and I lingered in bed... we did it again. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

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