Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tying Loose Ends

With TMI finally back in town, my apartment has been stage to a literal non-stop sexual marathon for the past three days. And, to make things even better, we recently took another leap into the dangerous and the delicious: Finally getting over the shyness of expressing a mutual interest, TMI pulled off his belt and tied my hands to the head board.

Wow. What can I say? The temperature in the room was so high I wouldn't be surprised if my neighbor could feel the heat (or heard it, anyway); and the results were SO rewarding that we did it repetitively plusieurs fois all afternoon and into the evening.

Ah, young love in Eastern France. Honestly, I can't believe I stayed 5 years in a relationship where the sex remained so comparatively tame.. -and here I was fortunate enough to find a partner who, within 4 months, I've been able to break nearly all of my sexual boundaries with. I guess it's called sexual chemistry, and I think it's growing on me.

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  1. well i think that there is not anything that i can say this time after reading your blog.


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