Friday, September 9, 2011

The French God of Health and Wellness Does Not Give His Blessing.

So... I'm having a problem. Since starting to take my oral contraceptives which I was once so very excited about starting, my boobs have grown voraciously to such an extent that they hurt terribly, and, even worse, my right one has staggeringly outgrown my left one. I HATE IT. I sent an explicit photo to most of my friends asking for advice. All conceded that the right one was definitely disproportionate and that I should see a doctor, -which I tried to do yesterday AND FAILED.

On my way to my appointment, literally, while walking to the office, I was suddenly assaulted by a pain in my pelvis. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, since I just recovered from one about a month ago, and ran to a near by health food store, (coincidentally the one and only in Dijon,) bought a jug of cranberry juice, and downed it en route. Evidently I was too late, because by the time I'd arrived I was so afflicted by the burning and insatiable need to pee it was all I could talk about with the doctor. I squirmed in my chair while announcing my sudden UTI and practically tore the prescription out of his hands and went running to the pharmacy.. unable to even MENTION my boob problems.

I sadly drank my medecin back at home while I mourned the fate of my ever growing boob. I really, reeeaally hope it chillaxes before too much longer. Also, what is up with the onslaught of urinary tract infections? I'd never had one before in my life and suddenly I've had two within the last three months. Obviously, the French god of health and wellness has it out for me.


  1. I'm having similar problems - never had a UTI, new partner and I've had two in the last 6 months. I asked my doctor about it, and she said sometimes it's your physical chemistry with someone ... you can be totally fine with one person, and get them all the time with another. She suggested a daily OTC pill called Cranstat - it's an herbal thing, I buy it on Amazon. It does a pretty good job for me of warding off those damn infections!

  2. ^^^ what she said. My BFF has the same problem with her current partner its just sometimes your body doesnt agree with his bacteria. UTIs are the worst! Id say thats probably the problem if its been happening since you guys nixed the condoms. As far as the boob situation... a little upset i didnt receive a picture ;) no but really if its that significant i would ask but every one has uneven boobs to an extent


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