Monday, April 16, 2012

Apology Letter

For some reason or another I remain pretty adamant that this was the right thing while everyone I ask for advice tells me it absolutely wasn't. Upon learning from Jonas, by old friend from the days of Harry, that Harry would be in fact visiting Dijon again in the foreseeable future with his new fiancée, I thought it was a good idea to reach out. I've heard through the grape vine that Harry's girl knows all about my indecent efforts while he was here last year, and, having met me and made a peaceable friendship before hand, she has, rightfully, written me off as both hoe and foe.

Now a woman in love, I repent. I also would like to be able to see the couple when they come, as I like them and had made, underneath all that romantic angst, a very nice friendship with Harry.

So I wrote her an "I'm sorry, I repent my sins, I understand your hatred, and demurely ask for your friendship" facebook message.
So far no response. I dunno, would you want to hear form the boyfriend trespassers of your past?

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