Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Spring

Do I move to Paris and go to fashion school or stay in Dijon and go to music school? I would love to take some more voice lessons and learn the piano. But Dijon is a small town and I continue to have no friends and no job. But I do have a sickeningly adorable French apartment on the troisième étage. Wood floor, french double window, and a mirror sur pied. The same would be twice as expensive and twice as difficult to find in gay Paris, I believe.

Also a significantly younger and more beautiful friend from Luxembourg visited me this weekend - I may go visit her in her native land the next. We drank, danced, and lamented our shared sate of man-less-ness ensemble.

B still remains a recluse, Handsome from Paris turned out to be what all mothers warn you handsome men are, and the sky is blue and the days are long in quiet Dijon, France.

la finlandaise et la hawaïenne

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  1. booo to handsome man being what all mothers warn you about...I am sorry my friend...and dont worry, close those gorgeous eyes take a deep breath and the wind will take you where you need to be.


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