Saturday, February 19, 2011

Medieval Ghosts

B with pretty much the coolest French car I've ever seen

Things are for the most part peaceful at the close of my second week in France. B has been been incredibly helpful in the effort to find me an apartment; we've been popping in and out of places all over town for the last few days and I've found it to be amazingly fun. Everything is so old! I love wandering up the spiraling staircases to reach the front door, wondering what kind of romantic possible future home awaits me.

I've found a few wonderfully eclectic and charming old medieval mouse holes, but I'm being forced to face a rather serious problem: I'm terrified of the dark. Last night I suffered several night terrors in which I was convinced I was being abducted by aliens, tormented by medieval French ghosts, and possessed by demons all at the same time.

Does that ever happen to you where you wake up a few moments before you body does? Your eyes flick open and for a few terrible seconds you can't move your limbs? The first time this happened to me I was 100% convinced that I was being abducted by aliens and I since have never been able to sleep alone.

Last night, I had one such episode, and to make things ten billion times worse it happened at 3:33 am. I don't care who you are or what you believe but thats a dang creepy coincidence. So! I ran down the stairs and hopped on the couch with B, absolutely scared out of my wits. He ended up coming upstairs and sleeping with me. Cured my anguished fear but caused several other problems:

A) It makes me have second thoughts about seeking out an apartment to live alone in.

B) It may well complicate the just now becoming comfortably platonic relationship I've managed par extensive negotiations with B.

C) He stinks, snores, steals the blankets, can't be awakened no matter how I push, slap, shout or struggle, and, like some formidable French glacier, creeps every so slowly towards the edge of the bed throughout the night; pushing me like a doomed animal towards the edge of the continent.

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