Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plants and Paris

Yes, I am in Paris, and naurally the day spent alone in the enormous "city of love" fighting my way to the embassy has yielded a lesson: Paris without a significant other = sad. Perhaps it was just the thunder rolling its way over the Eiffel Tower, or maybe it was the hungry and lonely baby bird I found abandoned in the park who desperately pecked at my hand, but most likely, most likely, it was the incessant amount of hand holding and bench side snuggling that was going down seemingly everywhere I looked. Le sigh. I'm missing K intensely. Like woah, in fact.

And of course it was all a little frightening. I'm a young small animal from an island paradise; enormous cities and their means of public transportation are creatures unknown and unkind to those who probably spent past lives burrowing and nesting near mountain streams or whatever.

I did however accomplish what I came here to do: get these silly power of attorney papers signed at the embassy. And tomorrow I may be meeting up with an adequately handsome member of the opposite sex, so things could be on the upswing before I hop back on the train tomorrow night and retreat to Dijon. I will of course keep you all in the know :)

In other not so exciting news the night before last was my first in my new apartment.. and look at the adorable plants I bought to keep me company at my breakfast table!

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  1. Bonjour lady!! I saw your avatar floating on my blog and I had to check out your blog ^_^.

    I really like it! You have a nice writing style and the little bits of French you throw make it fun to read. I'll be back for more ;)

    Au Revoir!



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