Saturday, August 16, 2014

One Year Later

ONE YEAR LATER. We're settled in the large, lower story of a country house in SW Portland. My French, winemaking husband is now the assistant winemaker at a prestigious domaine here in the Willamette valley. I recently received a diamond and a proper proposal, (one year after the fact, but better late than never,) and we're busy wedding planning for the "real" event this December home in the Hawaiian Islands. 


My nostalgia for France is like a persistent pain in my side. Going over photos and reading posts from those three years of incredible freedom, adventure, and yes, hardship and struggle, I realize that it was one of the most vibrant and enriched periods of my life. I've never loved so much or cared so deeply about anything as I did the people, places, and events that transpired in little, medieval Dijon 12 months ago. -And how I miss this blog!

That said, I'm adapting I Fight for the Phoque into a slightly older, slightly more mature novel than my free-wheeling-in-Europe and blogging days. It's time consuming and emotionally draining,(oh merciless nostalgia!)but I do sincerely hope it I Fight for the Phoque shows its face in a real, tangible form some day in the not too distant future. 

All the best,

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